1. Attach the lead to collar or harness for walks.

2. When tethered remove the lead from collar or harness.

3. Loop the lead around the pole.

4. Feed it through the handle.

5. Place the lead around the dogs neck like a second collar.

6. Place the padlock through any of the rivet holes.

7. Lock padlock securely.

Thank you for purchasing a SUPERLOCKUPLEAD to keep your dog safe.

You can download a printable copy here




The code is 0-0-0 by default. Please follow below steps to set instructions you desire.


1. Pull up the shackle (Pic a)

2. Rotate the shackle 90deg counter clockwise and push it down (pic b). Then continue to rotate it another 90 degrees counter clockwise.  

3. Set your own code by turning dials. Align new numbers to window ie 0-0-7

4. Rotate the shackle back. Then the setting is done (pic c)

5. If you would like to reset the code then repeat above steps.